What is Zebrano?

Zebrano (or zebra wood) is so called because its strong grain is reminiscent of the stripes of a zebra. Like zebras, the wood is mostly found in Africa today (it is the wood of the Microberlinia trees).

UR-M4 Zebrano
By the way, not only its grain is special, but also its smell (so as not to have to write stench).
The first prototype the grandfathers ever had was made out of zebra wood (it was the Samson ). A happy grandfather put on the prototype - fresh from production - and of course looked happily at the blue dial again and again. He was extremely enthusiastic, but he had the misfortune that whenever he was sitting in a restaurant or café, someone right next to him had probably thrown up. The sweet and sour burning smell was unmistakable.
It finally dawned on him that it wasn't the surroundings that stank, but his beautiful new watch. Immediately, production boss Gary was sent bad news. But he only answered with LOL and the explanation that young zebrano just had a strong note of its own.
Our grandfather apologized and had once again learned something new.
Fortunately, the scent of zebra wood, which takes some getting used to, disappears within the first week after processing, so you can buy zebra watches like Aramis , Caesar or Dalila without hesitation, without being reminded of your last night of drinking.

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