Where do wooden watches come from?

This is a question that is not easy to answer, since wooden watches - like almost all products - consist of many parts.

First the clocks have to be conceived and developed. We do this in cooperation with traditional watchmakers in Saxony.

Then of course you need wood. Its origin depends on the details of the type of wood used. With Opis Genuine Wood Watches, the wood comes from North America, Africa and bamboo from China.


Furthermore, a watch requires technical components such as the movement. Movements for our watches come from Japan or Switzerland.

The battery is mostly Japanese, sometimes also Chinese.

Now we come to assembly and packaging. (According to legal requirements, this step is responsible for the Made in ... imprint.) In our case, this happens in China, as does almost all competing companies (as much as they may hide it).

The quality control, and thus also the supervision of the assembly, is carried out by our German engineers on site in Shenzhen and Fuzhou (also to ensure that the working conditions on site are good), and in our workshop at the warehouse in Wustrow, Wendland, Lower Saxony.

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