In detail: Our series "Famous Couples": Today "Tristan and Isolde"

In the famous couples series you can find matching wooden watches for him and her. A pair of watches always have the same type of wood and dial color, but differ in size and metal elements.

Today we would like to introduce you to Tristan and Isolde from Ahorn from this series.

Tristan & Isolde

The two are the title heroes from the Wagner opera of the same name. Incidentally, not only is Wagner himself controversial (as an artist a giant, as a person no one the grandfathers would have liked to have as a friend), but also the plot of the opera itself. Spectators and critics argue about whether the two protagonists at the end of the opera die and have a vision of eternal life, or is it the other way around, and life is truth and death is vision.

All in all, one could say that Tristan and Isolde are grandfather watches for controversial couples ;-) .

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