In detail: Our series "Famous Couples": Today "Antony and Cleopatra"

In the famous couples series you can find matching wooden watches for him and her. A pair of watches always have the same type of wood and dial color, but differ in size and metal elements.

Today we would like to present you from this series Antony and Cleopatra made of black sandalwood.

Cleopatra's banquet

The Roman general and the last Egyptian pharaoh are historical characters and the template for numerous literary works. Perhaps the most famous is the play Antony and Cleopatra, by the great English playwright William Shakespeare. Especially the (tragic) end of the lovers, which probably also happened in reality, is certainly worth a piece: Surrounded by the troops of the later Emperor Octavian, Antonius first falls on his sword, then his beloved Cleopatra follows him by putting a venomous snake on your chest.

According to Shakepeare she says before death: "As sweet as dew! as mild as air! so lovely - O my Antonius!"

These words are of course not historically documented. Nonetheless, Antony and Cleopatra are without a doubt one of the most special couples in history.

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